Elizabeth Haselwood, RN-BSN

This remarkable Mind-Body Skills Group offers a safe space to reconnect with yourself and others, calm your nervous system and develop the mind body connection. We will explore an effective combination of evidence-based mind-body exercises to help participants deal with stress, anxiety, chronic illness, life changes, or burnout in a group setting. The groups are small, 7-9 people, meeting weekly for eight weeks, 2-hours each week. Using a curriculum designed by Dr. James Gordon at the Center for MindBody Medicine in Washington, D.C., these groups empower participants with mind body tools and social connection to improve wellness, mitigate trauma and encourage the nervous system to soften. Commitment to attending all eight sessions is requested. Space is limited, so please apply soon. To apply, contact Amavi Mental Wellness at (303)-652-4196 or email through the website at AmaviMentalHealth.com

What participants will learn
• Meditation
• Guided Imagery
• Breathing exercises
• Biofeedback/self-hypnosis
• Expressive meditations

Why you should participate:
• Learn how your nervous system works and how to influence it.
• Decrease your sympathetic nervous system’s “Fight or Flight” response
• Reduce and relieve stress and stress-related symptoms
• Promote healing and increase resilience
• Provide group support for practicing self-care measures
• Gain access to evidence-based tools you can use with patients (if you are in patient care)

Elizabeth Haselwood, Integrative Care RN and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will facilitate these Mind-Body group sessions. She is certified in Mind Body Medicine through CMBM.org and the Trager® Approach.

Fee: $500 for eight 2-hour Mind Body Skills groups. Sliding scale options available. Please inquire.