Elizabeth Haselwood, RN-BSN

New theories in neuroscience now explain how stress causes very real changes in your physical and emotional health. Mind-body medicine brings together these theories for the treatment of health problems that haven’t responded to traditional medical therapies: migraines, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain, to name a few. Using a curriculum designed by Dr. James Gordon at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C., these group sessions empower participants with mind body tools that can alleviate symptoms and improve their stress-related physical and emotional health. Participants should be willing to share personally and listen to others share.

What participants will learn:
Guided Imagery
Breathing exercises
Expressive meditations

Why should you participate?
Reduce and relieve stress
Promote healing and increase resilience
Mitigate your symptoms
Provide group support for practicing self-care measures
Learn how your nervous system works and how to change it

The group is small, just eight to ten people. Elizabeth Haselwood, Integrative Care RN at the BCH Center for Mind BodyMedicine will facilitate these group sessions. Elizabeth is certified in the Trager® Approach and in Mind Body Medicine through The Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

Cost is $240 for eight, two-hour sessions. Limited sliding scale fees available. Please inquire.

Space is limited. Register today.
To register, please call (303) 415-8652 or email ehaselwood@bch.org.

Note: An important exception to this confidentiality rule is if any individual expresses an intent to harm themselves or others, in which case, CMBM would be required to take immediate, additional action in support of the situation.