Gjorgji (Goce) Nikoloski


Gjorgji Nikoloski, MD

Faculty, Supervisor, Certified Alumni

Increase your well-being and self-care in a safe, supportive eightweek online group!

Experiencing and Sharing with others in a structured and small group format Mind-body medicine focuses on the connection and interactions between the mind and the body, and the powerful ways we can use them to participate in our own health and healing. You will learn and practice a new
mind-body skill each week and have the opportunity to apply it immediately in your life. We use a variety of techniques including breathing, meditation, movement, drawing, writing, guided imagery, and biofeedback to name a few.
This affords a unique space to acknowledge, honor, and express the various aspects of your experience.

Benefits: reduced stress, increased relaxation and focus, and enhanced emotional awareness. Many past participants have had major life changes and report greater self- trust, resiliency, creativity and improved communication with friends, family and co-workers.

Cost: 400USD for 8 weeks. Once you make contact with Goce and
register, you will pay through e-transfer or PayPal.
No refunds once the group starts.
(Limited to 10 people) If interested contact: Gjorgji (Goce) Nikoloski