Teach Youth the Skills they Need to Make a Better World

December 6, 2017

Every day, we’re learning more about the impact that extreme and prolonged stress has on children. It has a name: toxic stress. Children who experience overwhelming adversity – including abuse, chronic neglect, and exposure to violence – may have significant developmental challenges and face lifelong struggles with anxiety, depression and chronic illness.

The good news is there is a way to help children and youth alleviate toxic stress.

For over 25 years, CMBM has partnered with schools in some of the planet’s most challenging environments. We have taught hundreds of thousands of children the skills they need to deal with toxic stress, to become resilient, and to thrive.

Help us bring this life-giving work to children who need it most.

CMBM faculty, Alice Bad Heart Bull

CMBM has helped transform schools and school systems around the world: in Gaza and Israel, in Haiti and Kosovo, in Washington DC and on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Everywhere we work, we teach teachers and school counselors, peer leaders and administrators to use our model of self-care and group support to heal themselves and all the children with whom they work. Published studies show that CMBM-trained teachers lead groups that reduce students’ post-traumatic stress disorder by 80%. Children who participate in these mind-body medicine groups focus and sleep better, are less angry and aggressive, are more hopeful about their own futures, and more committed to making positive change in their communities.

Hetten School students using CMBM skills to relieve the effects of trauma
Watch how CMBM Gaza has transformed an entire boys’ high school in war-devastated Shujai’yaa neighborhood

“I suffered through a lot of hard circumstances with the war and the death of my father. I was depressed and my emotions turned inward. I was antisocial. …The [mind-body] exercises returned me to a normal life”

Mahmoud Dardasawy
Student, Hetten School, Gaza

Help CMBM equip schools to teach children the skills they need to overcome adversity, build resiliency, and thrive.

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With gratitude,

James S. Gordon, MD
Founder and Executive Director

Jamil Abdel Atti CMBM Gaza Country Director

Jamil Abdel Atti
CMBM Gaza Country Director