The Lessons of War

May 31, 2015

“The Lessons of War” | CBS 60 Minutes

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s work in Gaza was featured in a 60 Minutes segment, “The Lessons of War” which aired on April 26, 2015. The region recently endured an especially brutal 50-day conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in which more than 500 children were killed. 60 Minutes host, Scott Pelley, opens the segment by asking the audience a challenging question. “Where the decades of suffering go from here depends not so much on a thousand threads of tangled talks, but on one question that comes before all others: can peace be taught to children who have learned only the lesson of war?”

The coverage includes footage of CMBM Founder and CEO, James S. Gordon, MD, using CMBM’s innovative model of self-care and group support with children who have lost parents in Gaza, and those threatened by the war in southern Israel. The words and drawings of the children demonstrate the devastation they have experienced, and the power of the CMBM model to heal trauma and restore hope. Included as well are brief interviews with some of these children, and with Dr. Gordon, and CMBM Gaza program director Jamil Abdel Atti.

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