The Center’s Certification in Mind-Body Medicine is designed for graduates of our Advanced Training Program who want to take this work to the highest level.

The Certification Program will provide you with on-going supervision, in-depth intellectual understanding, and one-on-one support. Upon completion you will be thoroughly prepared to lead Mind-Body Skills Groups with diverse communities, integrate mind-body medicine into your institution, and develop unique applications for clinical practice and educational programs.

The pre-requisites for applying into Certification are completion of Initial and Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Training.

All faculty currently engaged in the Center’s Regional and National programs have come through our Certification Program.

If you have completed group supervision as part of a CMBM community program, you may be eligible for a reduction in the Certification fee. Please click here before applying into Certification to clarify this.

Scholarships for African American Certification candidates available through Marion “Big Mama” Brisco Scholarship Fund – for details, see here.

I’ve gone through this program with a sense of wonder and gratitude: for learning so much; for receiving such expert guidance; and for being with people with like-minded visions and dreams.

Michael McCoy

Cardiologist, Medical School Faculty

Terms of Attendance and Participation

Please note this training is opened only to those who completed the Advanced Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training Program. In an effort to facilitate a positive experience for its program attendees, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (the Center) reserves the right to remove from attendance and from enrollment at any current or upcoming Center event or activity, anyone whose actions, in the Center’s discretion and judgment, are disruptive or would interfere with the program or the attendees. In such circumstances, the Center retains the discretion to grant or withhold refunds of registration fees, in full or in part.

Below is the general summary of the sequence for Certification candidates (note: If you are part of CMBM program serving specific community like Shasta, Las Vegas, Western Maryland etc. please visit instead your supervision website for recommended sequence)

  1. Application
  2. Acceptance email with details to help you plan your groups and a contact for your supervisor
  3. Leading first 8-week group in your community with weekly supervision
  4. Writing a Case Study paper
  5. Abbreviated group (4 weeks – 1.5 hours with other Certification candidates)
  6. Selecting a topic for Application of Mind-Body Science paper — if you were accepted into Certification and there is a delay in you starting a group, you can work on this paper
  7. Leading second 8-week group in your community with weekly supervision
  8. Writing a Personal Journey paper
  9. Writing  Application of Mind-Body Science paper
  10. Attending Advanced Training-Certification Track upon recommendation of your supervisor and being Certified after successful completion of all requirements

Payment Policy

Initial and Advanced Training I are prerequisites and paid separately.  The Certification program fee is $4,250. This includes the 18 hours of supervision, abbreviated online group, review of 3 papers, and tuition to the Advanced Training II-Certification Track (travel, room & board for in-person training are not included).

You can select several different payment plans, and choose “check” as your preferred payment if your institution is covering the Certification fee. You will not be charged until accepted into the program. After completing the application you can print an invoice and have your institution send a check.


Please contact certification@cmbm.org