Mind, Mood & Food brings together medical and culinary nutrition with cutting-edge research for clinicians and health-conscious individuals to learn how to improve mental and emotional well-being with food. This five-day training includes experiential learning with food, nature, mind-body medicine, live food demonstrations, and whole-food meals that inspire long-lasting nutritional transformation. Participants will learn a new science-based approach using nutrition to address personal health challenges, for yourself, your clients and your families.

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“What is the difference between Food as Medicine for Mind & Mood and Food as Medicine?”

Food as Medicine for Mind & Mood has a special focus on mood disorders, the brain, and neuropsychiatry. Examples of lecture titles include “Metabolic Tune-up for Brain Health,” and, “Brain basics for the Integrative Clinician.”

This unique combination of science and nutritional wisdom allows you to custom-design Mind, Mood, and Food healing programs for yourself and for your patients, clients, and families.

What you will learn:

  • Food, spices, herbs and recipes that nourish the brain
  • Healing foods to balance mind and mood
  • Nutrition and the brain: cutting-edge science for emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disorders
  • Mind-body techniques that are refreshing to the brain and spirit including movement, imagery and mindful eating
  • Self-care practices to dramatically reduce stress and improve quality of life
  • How to repair the traumatized, injured, and aging brain