September 18, 2009

By Jo Cooper

The Saturday morning scene at the New Morning Farm farm market at Sheridan School, Washington, DC. Most of the food is organically grown

A young MD from Johns Hopkins turned to me at the end of a Food As Medicine training a number of years ago and said, “Great! I totally get it, and I can’t wait to get home and completely change how I eat. But… where do I start?”

Oh, dear. We’ve added more practical bits to the program since then to obviate that question, including one of the most popular sections of our syllabus, called ‘Everyday Food”, with recipes and food profiles of typical days for our faculty members. But ever since that moment I’ve been focused on how to make the science transform in the kitchen, in real life, in real time. I teach colleagues to cook greens at the office, and write handouts with simple steps to take, and, whenever, possible, feed people.

My favorite recommendation to the seeker of good health is to find a nearby farm market. There you will find local, sustainable fruits and vegetables, changing with the seasons, beguiling with new, colorful and often affordable temptations week by week. You’ll also find your neighbors and generously offered recipes for the less familiar offerings. It can become a way of life, as it has been for my family for 22 years, every Saturday morning, rain or shine. This way lies health and a richness of life that only nature can bring.

This blog will be about the food in Food As Medicine. We will share all sorts of goodies to enrich your repertoire, pique your curiosity and expand your knowledge of food.

To your good health!