The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) Certification Program in Mind-Body Medicine is designed for individuals who have successfully completed the Professional and Advanced Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine and who want to take this work to the highest level.

The Certification Program offers over 108 hours of in-depth training in mind-body medicine, and provides a broad-based curriculum that supports and provides resources for a wide range of topics and experiences that come up in the clinical practice of mind-body medicine. The program also provides participants with ongoing supervision, in-depth teaching, and one-on-one support. It is not limited to licensed healthcare or mental health professions. Through the Certification Program, you will enhance your facilitation skills, increase your understanding of the model, and incorporate self-care skills into your own life in a much deeper way. Upon completion, you will be thoroughly prepared to lead Mind-Body Skills Groups with diverse communities, integrate mind-body medicine into your institution/community, and develop unique applications for clinical practice, educational programs, and community building.


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Questions about Certification?

Our Certification Program team is ready to help. Please email certification@cmbm.org to connect with us and get the information you need.

Need to complete training?

If you haven’t completed our Professional and/or Advanced Training Program, please visit our Training page, or contact mindbody@cmbm.org to get started.