Breathing in, Breathing out: Haiti’s Children

October 6, 2016

The Center is pleased to premiere the first of a series of short videos by award-winning documentary filmmaker Tod Lending on our Global Trauma Relief work in Haiti.

In this 2-minute video Breathing in, Breathing out: Haiti’s Children, the Center’s Haiti Country Director, Linda Delmont Métayer, MA works with children in 3 different classrooms, and Center founder and director James S. Gordon, MD speaks about the effects of this work in relieving stress and suffering.

In the first classroom, Linda leads girls in Soft Belly meditation, a powerful mind-body skill the Center has taught all over the world. The children are students in all-girls elementary school which is under reconstruction in Port-au-Prince.

The second classroom of mixed girls and boys is in an elementary school in Cite Soliel, the most dangerous neighborhood in Port-au-Prince. This school is attached to an orphanage and a community clinic.

In the third classroom, 9th grade girls are shown talking about their drawings, and Linda works one-on-one with one student.

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