Help Build Resilience in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters

December 13, 2017

Every month now, natural disasters devastate entire cities and regions. Across the country and around the world, hurricanes and fires, flooding and earthquakes are confronting millions of families with enormous trauma, loss, and hardship.

This new normal forces us to answer a difficult question. What does it mean to “rebuild?”

Post-Katrina support from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Help CMBM bring hope and healing to communities devastated by natural disaster

Last week, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine had the privilege to bring Faculty from Haiti and across the United States to launch The Greater Houston Healing Collaborative, a psychological disaster response in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. These Faculty members are experts in teaching our model of self-care and group support to communities that have been devastated by natural disasters.

They have provided trauma relief and resilience building support to tens of thousands of families in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Now they are bringing their experience and expertise to support Houston.

CMBM supported people of Haiti following the devastating earthquake in 2010

In Houston, CMBM is working in partnership with the Institute for Spirituality and Health to fully train and mentor 100 mental health professionals, physicians, first responders and spiritual leaders to integrate the CMBM model into their existing programs and services. Thanks to the generosity of the Greater Houston Community Foundation and The Rotary Club, we are preparing them to meet the challenges they face from a place of strength and skill, mutual support and hope.

Linda Metayer and Toni Bankston, CMBM faculty, speak about the work they are doing in Houston
Watch Linda Métayer, CMBM Haiti Country Director, and Toni Bankston, CMBM Faculty Member, share how this model helps communities rebuild and increase their resilience.

Communities across the Caribbean and in California are in urgent need of recovery programs like what CMBM is doing in Houston. Organizers in Puerto Rico and northern California have already asked for our help, and CMBM’s Disaster Relief Team is ready to do this work.

Help CMBM bring hope and healing to these communities

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With gratitude,

James S. Gordon, MD
Founder and Executive Director

Linda Delmont Métayer, MA, MPH, Country Director, Haiti

Linda Delmont Métayer, MA, MPH CMBM
Country Director, Haiti