Professional Training Program

Advanced Professional Wellness Training – Eskenazi

November 7, 2016 @ 12:00 am

The Advanced Professional Wellness Training Program is the second step in the most complete experiential and didactic training in mind-body medicine available—anywhere. It is also the next step as we continue our commitment to working with you on your professional growth and development.

  • Practice leading Mind-Body Skills Groups
  • Be supported with individual and interactive supervision by senior faculty
  • Receive guidance on integrating the mind-body approach into individual and group work
  • Take the next steps in creating your own program of mind-body medicine
  • Learn creative and fun ways to use mind-body skills with children and adolescents
  • Receive materials and resources to help educate your patients and clients about the important role of food and nutrition in creating and maintaining wellness

James Gordon leading small group

The focus in the Advanced Training is on equipping trainees to successfully teach to others what they learned in the Initial Professional Wellness Training. Interactive panel discussions presented by CMBM senior faculty will answer participants’ questions about how to implement this wellness model in a variety of settings and with diverse populations.

We hope you’ll join us! Contact us at for eligibility and registration information. Continuing education credit available for nurses, social workers, counselors and FMTs.