“Embracing our Global Healing Crisis”- with Dr. James Gordon

September 12, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic, our reckoning with racism, and recent climate-related disasters have challenged virtually everyone. While our greatest vulnerabilities have been exposed, so have our greatest strengths. Now, more than ever, the approach that CMBM has developed over the last 30 years and the lessons we’ve learned feel vitally important – for all of us.

In my new Ted Talk, “Embracing our Global Healing Crisis,” I invite listeners to join me in recognizing , understanding, and embracing what Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, might have called our global “Healing Crisis.” 

“Embracing our Global Healing Crisis” will debut at a private TED broadcast event at the 11th Annual TEDxMarin, which includes 15 other original, thought-provoking TEDTalks. 

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SPEAKERS See the speaker list here.


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TOPICS of the featured talks includes:

  • Embracing our Global Healing Crisis
  • How Shakespeare in prisons is changing everything.
  • Remarkable new research on how we (should) Breathe.
  • The inside work of Racial Justice
  • Re-imagining Policing in communities of color
  • A fool proof trick to follow thru on our resolutions.
  • Why bad genes may be a blessing.
  • About to be released medical technologies which will optimize your health span.
  • A teen-age climate activist’s challenge to the adults to get their act together.
  • How a famous Hollywood comedy writer and producer faced changing his career.
  • Your Brain on Psychedelics.
  • The fix for a Chronic Problem Solver
  • Why comics and comedy writers may be the unsung heroes of political change.
  • Should we teach how to be in a relationship in our public schools?

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