Professional Training Program

Humility: Making Ourselves at Home on the Ground

June 19, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought significant disability and death to every country in the world. Understandably, government and private efforts have been directed at protecting populations against infection, and enhancing and developing facilities to provide medical care for those who have been infected.  There is, however, a third dimension to the pandemic: the general health, resistance, and resilience of the people who are at risk. It is this third dimension that The Center for Mind-Body Medicine is working actively to address on an individual-, community-, and population-wide scale.

For now, as part of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s commitment to being of immediate service to our greater community, we are presenting a series of free online workshops that you can access, view, and learn from anywhere in the world. We’re calling it, “Meeting the Coronavirus Challenge: Tools to Heal Mind, Body, Spirit, and Community.

We see this as an essential service; it is an initial way we can help you navigate this trauma-heavy time with self-care techniques that balance your physiology and psychology, serve as antidotes to the fight-or-flight and stress responses, enhance your immunity,  and lighten the emotional load that all of us now carry.  What we share with you will also enhance your capacity to connect with others- even in this time of enforced social distancing.

The twelfth free webinar in our series, “Humility: Making Ourselves at Home on the Ground”, will be led by CMBM Founder and Executive Director James S. Gordon, MD.

The word humility comes from the Latin meaning both “humble” and “of the earth”. It implies modesty, a gentle appreciation of who we are that recognizes and turns away from the temptations of pride, arrogance, self-importance, and selfishness. 

Humility makes it possible for us to deepen our connection to the natural world that is beyond as well as within us, the great world of which we are a small, but intimately connected part. Humility is also the ideal partner for the strength and vision that can create profound, compassionate, lasting change in our world as well as in us. 

In this webinar, we’ll use stories and experiments with our bodies and our imagination to appreciate and explore the gentle power of humility. 

This webinar is approximately 40 minutes in length, and can be viewed anytime between 8AM ET and 2PM ET on Friday, June 19. Afterward, Dr. Gordon will host a live question and answer session on our Facebook page at 3PM ET. If you would like to ask questions related to what you’re feeling since George Floyd’s murder, he would welcome them. 

You can discover more about my complete trauma-healing program in The Transformation: Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma.