Faculty Category: Mind-Body-Medicine

CMBM Mind-Body Medicine Faculty member Allie Bad Heart Bull

Alice (Allie) Bad Heart Bull

CMBM Mind-Body Medicine faculty member Alice (Allie) Bad Heart Bull resides on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Her Lakota name is Muza Chunka Win (Railroad Woman).

CMBM Faculty Member J Anna Looney, PhD

J. Anna Looney, Ph.D.

Faculty member, J. Anna Looney, Ph.D. is a sociologist, community educator and hospice volunteer.

Shahine Tavakoli, CMBM Supervisor

Shahine Tavakoli, LPC

Faculty member, Shahine Tavakoli is a clinician/Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Private Practice of over 30 years in the Houston area.

CMBM Faculty Member Paula Blake-Beckford

Paula Blake-Beckford

CMBM faculty member Paula Blake-Bedford is a registered nurse based in Florida.

CMBM Faculty Member Roxanne Smith

Roxanne Smith

CMBM Faculty Member, Roxanne Smith is the Senior Training Manager at the Children’s Services Council of Broward County, Florida (CSC).

CMBM Faculty Member Sebrina James

Sebrina James, Ed.S

Sebrina James is a certified mind body medicine facilitator with the Center for Mind Body Medicine and a member of the Broward Mindfulness Leadership team.

CMBM Faculty Diane Wolk-Rogers, , M.S. Ed.

Diane Wolk-Rogers, M.S. Ed.

Faculty member, Diane Wolk-Rogers is a National Board-Certified teacher who has taught at the elementary, middle, and high school level for over 30 years in the Broward County school system.

CMBM Faculty Member Dylan Tête

​Dylan Tête

Faculty member, Dylan Tête is the Executive Director and founder of Bastion Community of Resilience.

CMBM Faculty Member and Supervisor Annie Weisman

Annie Weisman, M.P.H., Ph.D.

Dr. Anne Weisman is the Director of Wellness & Integrative Medicine with the UNLV School of Medicine.

Lacey Dabelow, CMBM Supervisor

Lacey Dabelow, LCSW

CMBM faculty member, Lacey Dabelow, LCSW, CMBM Certified, is the owner/operator of Core Strength Consulting, focusing on health, behavioral health and mind body services.