Welcome! Please join us for an
Online Mind-Body Skills Group!

Reduce Stress and Build Resilience
Develop Effective Coping Skills
Enhance Well Being
Increase Self-Awareness

Mind-Body Skills Groups offer a powerful and effective combination of research based mind-body techniques to help you deal with life changes, stress, and illness. Mind-Body Skills Groups have been developed over the last 30 years according to a model created by CMBM Founder and Executive Director, James S Gordon, MD, and Senior CMBM Faculty. They are highly experiential and integrate techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, autogenic training, breath work, movement, self expression and other approaches into a supportive environment.

An online Mind-Body Skills Group is an educational program and not a medical intervention or therapy group! However, we find that sharing and connecting with others creates a wonderful learning environment, helping you become more self-aware and engaged in self-care.

The groups are small, with 7-10 people and meet on a set day and time for 8 weeks, 2-hours each week. This format provides an opportunity for you to begin to integrate the mind-body skills into your life, with the support of the group to help you work through any difficulties along the way.

An online group gives you the opportunity to experience CMBM’s model in a way that’s convenient for you. You’ll practice the same Mind-Body Skills that we’ve used with hundreds of thousands of people around the world for almost 30 years, and you’ll experience a similar kind of powerful small group support. You’ll be able to integrate what you’ve learned immediately into your daily life, maximizing your self-care and enabling you to deal more successfully with stress.

What You Will Learn

The evidence-based skills that you will learn, have been shown to help lower levels of stress, improve mood, enhance resiliency and optimism, and help prevent chronic health conditions.

They include:

  • Meditation – Several different kinds, including concentrative mindfulness and expressive meditations. All of which promote relaxed, moment to moment awareness.
  • Guided Imagery – To mobilize your imagination, to improve physiological functioning and address concerns and problems that have previously resisted solutions.
  • Autogenic training & Biofeedback – To develop control over autonomic system functioning, reduce stress, and bring mind and body into balance.
  • Breath Work – Enhance your health by breathing more fully
  • Movement – To release stress and increase energy.
  • Self expression – in words in journaling and drawing, to find solutions to previously insoluble problems

Who should join an online Mind-Body Skills Group?

Everyone can benefit from a Mind-Body Skills Group. We bring together adults of all ages and backgrounds, people with a variety of concerns. Everyone who joins should be committed to understanding and taking better care of themselves.

When are the groups and who will lead them?

The groups are led by experienced facilitators. All have been trained by Dr. Gordon and CMBM’s leadership and have successfully completed the Center’s certification program. Groups will meet once per week for 8 weeks for two hours. To view facilitators’ biographies and group schedules click here.


  • At least 18 years of age
  • A private, quiet space without distractions, and access to a computer with internet, web camera and microphone.
  • A commitment to participate in all 8 online group sessions and pre-post research.
  • Interest in learning new skills that can promote greater self awareness and better self-care.

During the registration you will be provided additional information on group guidelines and expectations for the group.