Professional Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine

October 20, 2022

Did you know that we offer multiple levels of training and certification? Our programs are cumulative, so they must be taken in order. Here’s how it works:

First, you’ll complete our Professional Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine. It’s a 5-day, intensive training (available online on an open-enrollment basis). You’ll learn and experience more than a dozen mind-body techniques and experience our Mind-Body Skills Group format. Afterward, you’ll be prepared to integrate mind-body skills in your own life.

Second, you’ll complete our Advanced Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine. This 5-day intensive training (also available online) picks up where PTP left off. You’ll learn to share the mind-body skills you learned in PTP in individual, group, and classroom settings. You’ll also learn to lead MBSGs. When you graduate, you’ll be qualified to share mind-body skills with others, lead MBSGs, and begin supervision or our Certification program.

Third, you can apply for our Certification Program in Mind-Body Medicine, which includes supervised practicum as you lead groups, papers to help you delve deeper into the science and practice of mind-body skills, and Advanced Training – Certification Track. You’ll enhance your facilitation skills, increase your understanding of the model, and incorporate self-care skills into your own life in a much deeper way. Upon completion, you will be thoroughly prepared to lead Mind-Body Skills Groups with diverse communities, integrate mind-body medicine into your institution/community, and develop unique applications for clinical practice, educational programs, and community building as a Certified Practitioner.