Guided Imagery Practice

Safe Place and Wise Guide Imagery

In this module, we’ll do two experiments with imagery. This first experiment with imagery (Lemon Imagery) will give you a direct experience of how images can affect your autonomic nervous system and, through this, your physiological functioning. Lemon Imagery is a good place to start if you’re new to Guided Imagery: it gets you comfortable with using imagery and gives you an immediate felt sense of imagery’s power.

The next experiment is with Safe Place and Wise Guide imagery.

Safe Place imagery can be particularly important in giving you relief when troubling memories are surfacing, when you’re facing an experience that evokes previous trauma, or when you’re just living through a stressful time. When you create a Safe Place, you draw on happy memories— or the imagined end of distress— to create a place and a feeling of calm and peace.

Once you’ve cultivated a sense of calm and peace in your Safe Place, you’re ready to meet your Wise Guide to access your intuitive wisdom.

For aboriginal healers, the Wise Guide’s words are a communication from the Spirit World. Some people are sure, when they meet their Guides, that they are contacting a Higher Power. Most scientific researchers believe the Wise Guide is an Inner Guide, a manifestation of our own unconscious wisdom, the creative right hemisphere of our brain, our intuition.

Set aside twenty or thirty minutes for visiting your Safe Place and meeting your Wise Guide.