Self-Care Tips from CMBM

Self-care isn't complementary or alternative - it's fundamental for good health.

Soft Belly Breathing

An excerpt from the Webinar, Fighting Fire With Fire, a segment of the Mind, Mood, & Food series, led by James S. Gordon.

Easing financial stress with mindful techniques

Ease Financial Stress

4 mind-body techniques to ease financial stress from CMBM founder and executive director James S. Gordon, MD (5:29)

James Gordon story about Lu Shi

Empty Your Cup

One of our favorite stories from Founder & Director James S. Gordon, MD (6:54)

Guided imagery with lemons

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery with founder & director James Gordon, MD (11:00)

James Gordon leads soft belly breathing meditation exercises

Soft Belly Breathing

Our core breathing meditation for relief of stress & trauma (7:41)

CMBM Self Care Breathing

Journey of the Breath

A brief guided visualization podcast of our nourishing breath with Kathy Farah, MD (2:39)

Guided imagery using lemon exercise

Guided Imagery Exercise

In this self-care video James Gordon, MD takes you through a guided imagery exercise used by health professionals.