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Self-care isn’t complementary or alternative — it’s fundamental for good health.

 Try these basic techniques and see how you feel. More relaxed? Able to focus better? Try them over a period of time — a week or a month. Even a little every day produces cumulative benefits.

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine also conducts mind-body training and provides certifications for professionals using our specific group-model technique. Learn more about Mind-Body Medicine, Food As Medicine, and Mind-Body Medicine Certification on our Programs page.

Mind-Body Medicine Fundamentals, a professional training program from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine


Podcast: Soft Belly Breathing

Our core breathing meditation for relief of stress & trauma (7:41)


Podcast: Experience Guided Imagery

with Founder & Director James Gordon, MD (11:00)


Podcast: Ease Financial Stress

4 mind-body techniques from Founder James S. Gordon, MD (5:29)


Podcast: Empty Your Cup

One of our favorite stories from Founder & Director James S. Gordon, MD (6:54)


Podcast: Journey of the Breath

A  brief guided visualization of our nourishing breath with Kathy Farah, MD (2:39)



Blog post: The Hungry Brain

How to feed this hungry organ? Kathie Swift, MS, RDN explains.


self care interview

Interview: Mind-Body Self Care

Learn how Dr. Gordon takes care of himself in this interview with Deepika Mittra, a Certified alum of CMBM.