Heidi Jackson, RGN, BNS

Faculty, Supervisor, Certified Alumni | she/her
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Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland dillyhip@gmail.com

Heidi Jackson is a member of the CMBM Faculty and Supervision Team. She is also part of the global team working to bring the CMBM model to Ireland, Europe, and beyond. Heidi currently runs Mind-Body Skills Groups for Ukrainian refugees and teenage girls in Ireland.

Heidi is a registered nurse and complementary therapist with many years of experience working with oncology and palliative care patients. Passionate about bringing this work to healthcare workers, she is presently working with the Buckinghamshire Trust to spread the work throughout the NHS and HSE.

Outside of work, Heidi loves playing tennis, swimming all year round, meditating, practicing yoga, reading, traveling, and spending plenty of time with family and friends.