Laurie Carrera, MSW, LICSW

Faculty, Certified Alumni | she/her
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Barrington, New Hampshire, United States +1 (603) 988-5511 Website

Laurie Carrera is a member of the CMBM Faculty. She is certified in Mind-Body Medicine.

Laurie has been in private practice in New Hampshire for over ten years, where she has specialized in anxiety management. Laurie has significant experience working in traditional settings (residential facilities, community mental health centers, and schools), but also spent fifteen summers leading therapeutic outdoor adventure programs. As a past adjunct faculty with the University of New Hampshire, she weaved together her passion for teaching and learning. Today, Laurie collaborates with the Lewiston, Maine community in response to the October 25, 2023 shootings. Connecting with courageous children in groups is an honor and an opportunity for Laurie, as they remind her to trust in the energy, creativity and resiliency in us all. As a facilitator, Laurie strives to empower and inspire individuals to become guides on their own journey of self-discovery.

Laurie received her MSW from the University of New Hampshire. To balance work and play, Laurie joins her children as they dance, jump, sing and sprint through life. It is being with friends and family that brings Laurie the greatest joy. You will find her walking when she needs to reset and rejuvenate. Laurie appreciates having both the ocean and mountains nearby for when she needs to slow down and take care of herself.