Lora Matz, MS, LICSW

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Greater Minneapolis, MN, USA loramatz@earthlink.net

Lora Matz, MS, LICSW, is a psychotherapist, lecturer and writer who has worked for many years in the areas of mind-body Medicine and transpersonal development. Lora is a Senior Faculty Member of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine and teaches in the Professional Training Programs, CancerGuides® and the Global Trauma Relief program. Lora has extensive history working with children of all ages as well as adults. She has post-graduate training in transpersonal development, clinical hypnosis, guided imagery, and several other healing modalities. Lora incorporates imagery, breath work, meditation, and transpersonal development into her work as well as the Center’s model of working with groups. Lora is skilled in curriculum and program development. She created a pilot curriculum teaching inner city pre-school teachers and their small students stress reduction techniques and the principals of emotional intelligence. She worked for a year co-leading a team of facilitators working with the children who were on the bus when the I 35 W bridge collapsed in Minneapolis.

Lora works at PrairieCare in MN as the Clinical Education Specialist, conducting leadership trainings, mentoring and supervision within PrairieCare and provides workshops through that role throughout the twin cities and MN. Lora has extensive experience in the area of death and dying, as well as integrative cancer care and conducts trainings for health care professionals and others in the area of midwifing of death and integrative practices for the dying and their loved ones.