Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, PhD, LP

Clinical Director | she/her

Dr. Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr is the Clinical Director. An enormously gifted and visionary clinician, Dr. Richtsmeier Cyr is responsible for the development, implementation, and sustenance of clinical aspects of partner projects. Dr. Richtsmeier Cyr first joined the CMBM Faculty, where she led national and global trauma-healing programs, and soon became a Supervisor for CMBM’s Certification and Internship Programs; she continues to train and supervise Faculty today. She was previously the Associate Clinical Director. Dr. Richtsmeier Cyr is a responsive, compassionate, and collaborative leader to individuals and communities, CMBM Faculty, and Certified Alumni.

Dr. Richtsmeier Cyr is a Licensed Integrative Clinical Psychologist in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has over 25 years’ experience in private practice, medical clinics, hospital, community, and academic settings. She specializes in working with people living with anxiety and depression, developmental conditions, stress-related conditions, and chronic illness. She is also an expert on treating grief and loss and trauma. Dr. Richtsmeier Cyr incorporates mind-body medicine—including biofeedback, hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation, and mindfulness—into her holistic psychotherapy practice. She also facilitates Mind-Body Skills Groups and workshops, gives presentations, and consults with clinical healthcare providers, schools, and community and non-profit organizations. Her clinical expertise and her passion for teaching self-awareness and resilience-building skills helps those she works with feel an enhanced sense of well-being and healing.

Dr. Richtsmeier Cyr earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and completed her internship and fellowship in Pediatric Psychology at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY. She finds great balance in her life through long walks with her husband, travel with her daughters, and quiet mornings in her gardens.