Michele DiSorbo, LMHC

Certified Alumni | she/her

Michele DiSorbo, LMHC, Founder of BeingOnPurpose,LLC, a mind-body wellness and transformational coach, and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She has dedicated over 2 decades to the vital work of serving youth and families through various clinical and leadership roles. She is committed to bringing her gift of self-healing to others such that they live their best lives with passion, purpose, peace and prosperity.

She graduated from Stetson University (B.A. in Psychology and Sociology) and University of Central Florida (M.S. Clinical Psychology). She is certified in Mind-Body Medicine through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine. She has been a local and national speaker & trainer for non-profit leaders, social workers, coaches, nurses, teachers, parents and family foster care providers since 2000. She completed the Florida State University College of Business – Jim Moran Institute’s Non-Profit Executive Leadership Program, Leadership Broward XXXVII and Broward College’s Entrepreneurship Experience (BCEx). Most importantly, she is a mother to three amazing teens.

BeingOnPurpose, LLC is an innovative practice that integrates mind-body medicine, mental health counseling and transformational coaching. Thus, we are a one-of-a-kind coaching and consulting practice designed to create healthy habits of self-care; heal past traumas and build skills to create Passion, Purpose, Peace and Prosperity in the areas that matter the most to our clients. Our clients gain the necessary skills and unleash the best version of themselves to create that happy home, purposeful work, fulfilling relationships, and to enjoy life to the fullest. Because everyone is unique with the outside world affecting them differently,

We provide individual coaching in addition to our group coaching, workshops/ training, corporate/team retreats and an evidence-based 8-week mind-body skills group series. In each group, we teach a mind-body wellness technique and a guided experiential process to reset and access the parasympathetic nervous system. Our services, particularly our groups, have made a great impact and have received excellent client results and feedback. Measurable results include reduced stress, anxiety and depression; increased overall sense of wellbeing and confidence; and improved work performance, restful sleep and nutrition.

Our facilitators are trained and certified in an evidence-based model from the experts at the Center for Mind- Body Medicine. We share a set of simple yet powerful life changing skills and habits to have the best results. Our clients learn to continuously live in alignment and to hit that sweet spot making their goals not just possible, but probable. We are able to provide services virtually, or in-person in the South Florida area.