Vanessa Diaz, LCSW, LMT

Certified Alumni | she/her

Vanessa is a licensed clinical social worker and licensed massage therapist dedicating to practicing and sharing mind body skills to help others connect with their true inner selves and to deepen their meaningful connection with others.

She is a Chicago native and earned undergraduate degrees in psychology and social work from Loyola University in Chicago in 2008 and completed her MSW at University of Central Florida in 2010.

Her professional social work experiences since 2008 include work in settings of addictions at Orange County Drug Court as an evaluator and DUI program counselor, clinical provider at community based agencies for mental health services for adults and children, and serving the homeless population, including a prior role within the VA as a homeless outreach social worker and current role as Veterans Justice Outreach Specialist. Previous internship opportunities also provided her experiences within hospice settings and addictions. Her professional massage therapy experiences since 2007 encompass working with individuals from all walks of life to include professional athletes and special populations, totaling work with well over 1,000 individuals since starting her career.

She has experienced her own significant improvements in health and quality of life after implementing changes in her daily food and drink habits and implementation of other mind body skills, and she is passionate about empowering others to explore holistic approaches to care in a way that works for them and their life.

Orlando, Florida, United States