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Mind-Body Medicine

Our trainings focus on practical techniques for self-care and mutual support. We teach participants to focus their skills in supportive small groups, as well as with individuals and families and in classroom settings. Learn the science and skills of meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, and self-expression in words, drawings, and movement.







Our trainings focus on teaching a wide variety of well-integrated, practical techniques for self-care and mutual support. They include classroom sessions on how mind-body medicine and its techniques – meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, autogenic training, exercise and yoga – affect physical, mental, and emotional functioning and wellbeing, as well as a supportive small-group experience of these techniques. 

Mind-Body Medicine Fundamentals covers the fundamentals of mind-body medicine including its scientific foundations. Participants have the opportunity to experience the mind-body medicine techniques for self-regulation and exploration, and to learn how to effectively use words, drawings, and movement to express themselves and explore and solve previously intractable problems.

Advanced Mind-Body Medicine teaches participants how to use this approach with individuals and families and in classrooms, as well in CMBM’s signature “Mind-Body Skills Groups”. After Advanced Mind-Body Medicine, we provide supervision, mentorship, and certification, to help our graduates enhance their skills as they integrate our model into their work and their lives.

Our Mind-Body Medicine Fundamentals training is also included as part of the graduate degree programs of Saybrook University’s School of Mind-Body Medicine.