Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers work in highly stressful environments and are placed in highly emotional settings caring for the sick. They are routinely exposed to hazardous chemicals, drugs, and infectious diseases, like COVID-19. Half of frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic have reported increased levels of depression. There is a need for comprehensive, intentional responses to treat the occupational and psychological challenges that all healthcare workers face. This is a public health emergency.

Our work with healthcare workers

In January 2015, CMBM began a comprehensive training in mind-body medicine for 200 Eskenazi Health System employees known as the “Wellness Champions.” Under the guidance and mentorship of CMBM Faculty, the Eskenazi Wellness Champions reported a reduction in feelings of stress and burnout, and learned how to fully integrate the wellness perspective and techniques into their daily lives. The Wellness Champions continue to bring this approach into the work they do with their colleagues and patients.

CMBM has also established deep roots with active-duty military and the Veterans Administration, which provides care and support for American veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder, among other health conditions. Since 2007, CMBM has trained more than 800 clinicians and peer counselors in the VA, and in 2019 CMBM signed a contract with the Veterans Affairs (VA) Sunshine Healthcare Network (VISN 8) to train 200 VA coaches in our model. This training teaches not only veterans how to better cope with PTSD, but also teaches valuable mind-body skills to their caregivers. VISN 8 coaches have fully integrated our model into their clinical work, and those we’ve trained sustain our work by training others.