Children and Teens Track

If the majority of your daily work is with children and teens, then we recommend you participate in our Advanced Training Program on the Children and Teens Track. 

What will you learn?

  • Organize and give a didactic presentation on one or more mind-body approaches.
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead a Mind-Body Skills Group for children and/or teens.
  • Describe how to deal with different personalities in a group of children and/or teens (e.g., people who are withdrawn or who talk excessively).
  • Outline how to deal with one’s own psychological issues in the context of a Mind-Body Skills Group.
  • Describe ways to regulate timing and pace when leading a group of children and/or teens.
  • Explain how to integrate mind-body medicine into one’s own practice or institution.
  • Identify possible ways to establish a mind-body program for children and/or teens.

How is this different from the Adult Track?

The Children and Teens Track begins with a mandatory preliminary full-day workshop in addition to the five-day training program. In this program, you will learn how to teach mind-body skills to children in an age-appropriate manner with toys and materials that address all developmental stages. You will also learn how to help children use mind-body skills to reduce stress and gain increased self awareness, and learn how to present didactic material in Mind-Body Skills Groups for children and teens. Our Faculty have developed a Children and Teens Resource Guide and Curriculum with learnings, worksheets, and didactics that you can use in your community and/or workplace. Participants will be coached in a group format and receive individual consultation on their specific situations in working with children, teens, and families.  

What if you serve people of all ages?

If you work with a mix of children, teens, and adults, the Adult Track is right for you. We also suggest enrolling in our Children and Teens Workshop, where you’ll gain the knowledge and techniques required to share mind-body skills with young people.

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s training has been life changing, inspiring and has been what has been missing in my practice with adults and children. Healthcare is changing, CMBM is the leader.

– Betsy Shandalov

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