Internship Program

Mind-Body Medicine Internship Program

After completing our Certification Program, you are welcome to apply for Internship. Space is very limited and the number of interns accepted may vary year to year. For more details, please read the Program Description below.

About the Program

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The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s Internship Program offers the opportunity to deepen your understanding of mind-body medicine and the process of group facilitation. Specifically, our Internship program is designed to offer:

  1. a unique shadowing experience for small group facilitation skills
  2. increased awareness and integration of group process through attending the faculty supervision, and
  3. mentorship through formal and informal contacts with faculty and Dr. Gordon during the program

Interns shadow with one faculty member and participate in the faculty’s small group. Internship does not offer direct clinical experience in co-facilitation. The intern is a participant in the group, but also has the opportunity to observe the other side (faculty processing and supervision) following the group sessions.

Being an intern is not related to being selected as a faculty member in the future. Rather, internship is an opportunity to go deeper in your own understanding of yourself, the group and the clinical practice of Mind-Body Medicine. Upon completion of the Internship you will be provided with a certificate showing you have completed the internship. Learn more in the sections below.

Program Objectives

  • Provide an opportunity to deepen your understanding of mind-body medicine, group process and yourself.
  • Encourage self-reflection and increased awareness of group process and group facilitation skills through observation of the faculty and as a member of the group.
  • Allow space to reflect on group facilitation without the responsibility of being the group leader. The intern will engage in the process of paying attention to what comes up in herself as she shadows and participates as a group member.
  • Allow the opportunity to connect and learn from faculty through mentoring and shared learning opportunities. Interns will discuss the dynamics of the group with the faculty and have an opportunity to ask questions following the group sessions.
  • Provide a supportive community and opportunity for additional growth and development.

Program Content

  1. Initial phone consultation session with Internship Supervisor approximately one
    month before the training session. This will be a group conference call with the Internship Supervisor and all interns participating at the upcoming training program. In this session, you will review your goals for internship, and receive general information about the upcoming training and internship experience.
  2. Interns will attend the complete Mind-Body Medicine Professional Training Program, including large group lectures and small group sessions.
  3. Interns will be encouraged to journal during the week to reflect on their process as group members and observations of their faculty’s group facilitation, as well as journaling on anything else that is coming up for them during the week.
  4. Interns will attend and participate in the faculty supervision meetings.
  5. Interns will attend the faculty dinners.
  6. Interns will have the opportunity to interact with faculty and discuss shared interests.
  7. Interns will meet with Dr. James Gordon, Founder and Director of CMBM and the Internship Supervisor for a group meeting during the training.
  8. Interns will have a post-program group conference call with the Internship Supervisor 2-4 weeks after the training to check-in and share how they have integrated their learning and experiences from the Internship.

Program Cost

$1,375 (payment plans available)

Cost includes:

  • Tuition to the Professional Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine
  • Lunches and dinners at the faculty supervision meeting each evening
  • All meetings with the Internship Supervisor
  • Meeting with James Gordon, MD, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CMBM

Cost does not include other meals, accommodations or travel expenses if the training is in-person. If in-person training, we may be able to offer room sharing options to help you with the costs. Please consult us for the starting and ending time of faculty meetings before arranging your travel.


Completion of Certification in Mind-Body Medicine Program.


Please apply by submitting the form at the bottom of the page to be considered for enrollment for an upcoming Professional Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine (we update the application as trainings are scheduled). Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please note that space is very limited and the number of interns may vary from year to year.

Confidentiality and Terms of Participation

Faculty supervision meetings are to be kept confidential. In an effort to facilitate a positive experience for its program attendees, CMBM reserves the right to remove from attendance and from enrollment at any current or upcoming CMBM event or activity, anyone whose actions, in CMBM’s discretion and judgment, are disruptive or would interfere with the program or the attendees. In such circumstances, CMBM retains the description to grant or withhold refunds of registrations, fees in full or in part.


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