Stress & Trauma-Relief Support for COVID Responders

Flexible, evidence-based psychological support for healthcare providers and other frontline responders, your patients, and families during the COVID crisis. Click the button below to see CMBM’s customizable support options for frontline responders and to request support.

Host a Workshop

Self-care is the true primary care. You can learn fundamental mind-body and nutrition skills led by CMBM-certified practitioners. Move forward confidently, with tools for self-care, self-awareness and personal and professional fulfillment.

Schedule a Training in Your Organization

Bring our Mind-Body Medicine or Food As Medicine’s training to your doorstep. Transform the way you practice and bring positive change and healing to your community.

Create a Customized Program in Your Institution

We lead customized trainings that build healthy and resilient communities both in and outside of your institution. Let’s work together to instill a supportive culture, healing from the inside out.