Hetten School Graduation

February 22, 2023

CMBM Country Director for Gaza, Jamil Atti, PhD and our committed local Faculty are doing amazing work, bringing evidence-based skills for self-care to the Gaza Strip. Here’s what the CMBM Gaza team has been up to lately.

“From despair to hope, under the umbrella of the healing and hope project 1, our students graduated from university. Our project started 2016 when these students used to study at Hetten school, they are without hope, their future uncertain and their life, to them, was worthless. CMBM discovered those students during the Healing and Hope 1 Project, raised them as entrepreneurs and empowered them through the power of hope. The essence of CMBMs efforts is in coaching people in finding hope and keeping it, as HOPE is (Helping Others Practice Empowerment).
It can be the loss of a house, a loved one, or a dream that they once had that seems as though it is never going to pass, especially in Gaza with the continuous escalation and ongoing blockade and high rate of unemployment, but with the Mind-Body Medicine, we help people make it pass.
That’s exactly what CMBM has done with those students, taking them from despair to hope, taking the first and most important step towards achieving their dreams, granting them a full university scholarship to achieve their bachelor’s degrees in their desired specialization. And today, the students have reached the end of this journey, graduating from their universities and taking the lead in fulfilling the rest of their dreams, with HOPE.”

Translated from Arabic.
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