The Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) is currently delivering one of the world’s largest, most effective  programs for healing population-wide psychological trauma. Help us take this work to those who need it most.

Where We Work

Over 5,000 clinicians, educators, and community leaders have integrated our model of self-care, self-awareness and mutual support into health, mental health, educational and social welfare systems, NGOs, and religious communities in Kosovo, Israel, Gaza, and Haiti. In the U.S. those we have trained, have worked in post-Katrina southern Louisiana, with Veterans and Native American communities, as well as with American children and adults with stress related conditions and chronic illness.

Children in Gaza treated using the CMBM model for mind-body skills groups

About Our Model

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine training healthcare workers in Gaza

We begin by teaching clinicians, educators, and community leaders to use the techniques of mind-body medicine (meditation, guided imagery, yoga and exercise, biofeedback); self-expression in words, drawings, and movement; and small group support to deal with their own stress and trauma. Then, we teach them how to use the CMBM model with the populations they serve. Our 150+ faculty provide ongoing support and supervision as practitioners successfully integrate our model into their work with children and adults in hospitals, clinics, schools, and social service agencies.

The CMBM model directly addresses the causes and symptoms of psychological trauma, stress, depression, and burnout. The practical techniques we teach are adaptable to a wide variety of cultures worldwide. This low cost approach builds community and reduces violence, promotes gender equality, and helps create a stronger civil society.

The CMBM model is:

  • cost effective
  • easy to learn & teach to others
  • preventive & therapeutic
  • being implemented nationwide
  • not dependent upon medication
  • grounded in psychobiology
CMBM green symbol mark

Measuring Our Impact

  • Gaza – More than 150,000 Gaza children and adults served since 2005; 150-350 Mind-Body Skills Groups meet throughout Gaza each week; 18 Palestinian faculty members.
  • Israel – 50,000 Israeli children and adults served since 2009; 500 clinicians, including 120 school psychologists and counselors, have been trained; 16 Israeli faculty members.
  • Haiti – More than 20,000 Haitian children and adults served since 2010; 240 Haitian leaders trained; 120 organizations participating in our program.
  • Kosovo – Our innovative model of self-care and group support is fully integrated into Kosovo’s nationwide Community Mental Health System and available to the entire population.
  • U.S. Veterans – 30 Veterans Administration Health Centers, clinics, military bases and community organizations are currently implementing our model; 400 health professionals and veteran peer counselors have been trained in mind-body medicine since 2007.
  • Professional Training Programs – Over 5,000 clinicians, educators, and community leaders have been trained to use mind-body medicine techniques for trauma healing and stress reduction in the U.S. and around the world.