Sara Sierra, MD


Sara Sierra, MD

Certified Alumni

Hello! I am Dr. Sara Sierra, and I appreciate your interest in Mind-Body Medicine. I decided to offer this space for my patients after participating in a group myself and finding it life changing.

Mind-body medicine focuses on the connection and interactions between the mind and the body and the powerful ways we can use them to participate in our health and healing. Mind-body skills groups offer an opportunity to learn self- care strategies and experience evidence-based techniques to enhance well-being, resilience, and mental health. As you follow this healing path, you will discover new life-affirming ways of thinking, being, and acting. You will learn how to daily use highly experiential and integrative techniques like meditation and breathwork, expressive writing and drawing, biofeedback, dance and movement, nutrition and mindful eating, and guided imagery.

This is not a webinar nor an open or drop-in group. This is not a therapy group! Instead, this is a highly supportive educational group with me as a facilitator and equal participant in the group.

This time the group will run every Wednesday from 5:30-7:30 pm EST for eight weeks starting March 1st, 2023, via Zoom. Participation in the group requires a 15-minute pre-registration Zoom call to meet each other, answer your questions and see if this model is a good fit for you. The cost is 250USD, sliding scale is available in case of financial hardship with the support of those who can pay in full.

Note: An important exception to this confidentiality rule is if any individual expresses an intent to harm themselves or others, in which case, CMBM would be required to take immediate, additional action in support of the situation.