10 Careers that Can Benefit from Mind-Body Medicine

July 20, 2023

As we approach The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s next Professional Training Program in Mind-Body Medicine, it is a good time to reflect upon the many benefits that mind-body medicine can have in our personal and professional lives. While the techniques used in mind-body medicine are frequently associated with professions such as therapists, social workers, and physicians, they have a wide range of applications and can be implemented in a variety of careers. Here are ten careers you may be surprised to learn can benefit from mind-body medicine.

Lawyers: Known as a highly stressful job, lawyers can utilize mind-body medicine to reduce stress and increase self-awareness, developing their capacity for selfcare. When battling long hours and demanding cases, taking even two to three minutes to meditate and breathe can have amazing benefits.

Artists: Mind-body practices, such as guided imagery, have been shown to inspire creativity. Art is also a powerful way to increase mental wellbeing and express oneself. The next you’re feeling stuck, try the three-drawing technique to help tap into your intuition and imagination.

Athletes: Athletes need to fuel their bodies in order to stay on top of their game and perform incredible feats. Practicing mindful eating is one way to keep athletes’ bodies and minds healthy. With benefits such as encouraging eating mindfully, increasing nutritional value, and positively influencing food choice, this practice is a great one to incorporate into athletes’ routines.

First responders: First responders deal with stress, trauma, and danger on a daily basis. CMBM has done extensive work with first responders and has built programs specifically tailored to the unique circumstances and challenges people in this field face.

Veterinarians: Recent studies have shown that veterinary medicine has one of the highest rates of burnout and compassion fatigue, resulting in poor mental health. Developing a personal mind-body self-care practice can help to alleviate these symptoms. Taking regular breaks, doing Soft-Belly Breathing exercises, and meditating can help to recenter and restore a sense of control and balance, allowing you to tend to your four-footed patients with a renewed sense of care and compassion.

Construction workers: Excessive noise pollution has been shown to negatively impact our lives – something that construction workers face on a daily basis. It has been shown to decrease attention and cognition and can literally change the structure of our brains. While noise, especially in a career such as construction, is unavoidable, taking steps like finding quiet places, meditating, and breathing can be restorative and ease any negative ramifications of constant noise.

Office workers: Sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen all day can have negative impacts on mental health. Movement, whether that be a shaking and dancing practice or running, has amazing benefits and can help battle the brain fog many experience from a desk job. Those who incorporate movement in their daily routine have seen increased sleep, healthier brains, decreased depression and anxiety, and more creativity. The next time you feel stuck at your desk, get up and move!

Restaurant workers: Working in a restaurant can be an overload to the senses. The smell of the food, the din of the kitchen, the heat from the oven – it can all be too much and can lead to stress and anxiety. Taking time throughout the day to meditate can be a great way to keep yourself centered within the chaos of a restaurant. The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, try one of these meditations and let the stress melt away.

Customer service workers: Those who work in customer service spend their entire work days putting others ahead of themselves. Constantly catering to others’ needs can lead to burnout and stress. Implementing mind-body medicine into your daily routine is a great way to prioritize yourself and become re-attuned to your own needs. By attending mind-body medicine training, such as CMBM’s Professional Training Program, you can see results such as decreases in emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and burnout.

Landscapers: By spending most of their days outside, landscapers have the opportunity to take moments to commune with nature. Taking some quiet time to appreciate the beauty around you can be combined with a Soft Belly Meditation to reach a state of true peace and relaxation. Appreciating the flowers, trees, sky, and water around you can be a restoring and centering practice.