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You’ll experience mind-body skills, explore the science behind them, and learn to integrate mind-body medicine in your life and work.

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Learn how to earn your certification in mind-body medicine through our mentorship and training program.

Partner to address trauma in my community

You can make population-wide trauma relief accessible and sustainable in your community. We can help you get there.

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Integrate self-care and mutual support into the institutions where you work to promote a culture of well-being with our help.

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Trauma is a part of the human experience: It comes to us all.

It also disrupts everything about us: our individual health, our relationships, and our communities. That is what makes trauma an urgent local, national, and global public health concern.

On the other side of trauma, there can be healing, wellness, and even joy. We believe that we all have the capacity to help and heal ourselves. To get there, you need proven tools and the support to integrate them into your work and your community. That’s what we’re all about.

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s program…is the most comprehensive of all of them…and it is the one with the strongest evidence that it works to cure PTSD.

– New York Times

I used to hate sleep because I had terrifying dreams. After I joined the Mind-Body Skills Group and practiced these skills, I got rid of the nightmares. Now I wake up feeling energized and optimistic.

– Student, North Gaza

CMBM’s program empowered me and my students to help build community resilience. It has absolutely changed my life and how I instruct and care for my students.

– Diane Wolk-Rogers, former AP History Teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Activist