Heidi Jackson, RGN

Heidi Jackson, RGN Complementary Therapist Dublin, Ireland

Heidi Jackson is an RGN and complementary therapist in Dublin, Ireland. Heidi believes that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves if only we would slow down and listen within. Heidi worked as an Oncology Nurse and Complementary therapist in Tallaght Hospital, Dublin for over 10 years before going into private practice providing complementary therapies to Cancer patients. Whilst doing this work she found she wanted to find work that would help empower people to heal themselves. Thus her journey with CMBM began 3 years ago and since then Heidi has been running numerous groups in and around Dublin using the CMBM model helping people source their inner wisdom through meditation, guided imagery, drawings and journaling in a safe and supportive environment. Heidi is part of a team bringing the CMBM to Ireland and Europe.