Adult Track

Adult Track

Learn to use mind-body approaches with adults in individual, small group, and large group settings. You’ll also develop the skills required to lead our signature Mind-Body Skills Groups.

What will you learn?

  • Organize and give a didactic presentation on one or more mind-body approaches.
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead a Mind-Body Skills Group.
  • Describe how to deal with different personalities in a group (e.g., people who are withdrawn or who talk excessively).
  • Outline how to deal with one’s own psychological issues in the context of a Mind-Body Skills Group.
  • Describe ways to regulate timing and pace when leading a group.
  • Explain how to integrate mind-body medicine into one’s own practice or institution.
  • Identify possible ways to establish a mind-body program.

What if you serve people of all ages?

If you work with a mix of children, teens, and adults, the Adult Track is right for you. We also suggest enrolling in our Children and Teens Workshop, where you’ll gain the knowledge and techniques required to share mind-body skills with young people.

This has been an amazing journey. This work is life changing and has the potential to change the world. I am excited about what I have learned about myself and my preparation to take this work into the community.

– Michele DiSorbo, MS in Clinical Psychology, Fort Lauderdale