Our Mission

“Our mission is to make self-awareness, self-care, and group support central to all healthcare; the training of health professionals; and the education of our children.”

We are teaching thousands to heal millions—and by teaching the teachers first, we ensure that they bring the spirit of our model, as well as the specific practices, to the individuals, families, and communities whom they serve.

Mind-body medicine is based on the scientific understanding of the inextricable connection among our thoughts, sensations and feelings, and our mind, body, and spirit – between ourselves and the social and natural world in which we live. CMBM’s approach to wellness is grounded in practical, evidence-based skills for self-care, nutrition, self-awareness, and group support.

Mind-body skills (such as meditation, biofeedback, guided imagery, and self-expression in drawings, words, and pictures) are scientifically validated to reduce stress and restore physical and psychological health. The mind-body approach heals individual trauma and builds community-wide resilience.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which a compassionate, comprehensive, and effective model of healthcare and health education, grounded in self-care and mutual support, is available to all.


Our Approach

We use evidence-based strategies for relieving stress, transforming trauma and promoting lifelong health to help create resilient and healthy communities. Connector.


Our Work

All people have the capacity to understand, help, and heal themselves. When we share this process of healing with others, we serve our highest purpose and facilitate the most life-enhancing and enduring changes.


“You are really amazing we give great thanks to God for the remarkable work you are doing so
many places where God’s children are hurting.”

—Desmond Tutu